Indian Navy is all set to dare the dragon in the sea.

Indian Navy to host biggest naval exercise in A&N Island, China is worried and warns India of consequences.

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Indian Navy is all set to dare the dragon in the sea. The fight from the land is all set to escalate to next level in the sea. New Delhi is planning to host one of the biggest naval exercise in the India ocean with a total of 23 nations willing to participate in the mega exercise. This is a direct confrontation India is set to launch in the sea.

The countries participating in the exercise include Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam – a move by the Modi government that is surely to agitate China. Beijing is already agitated over the plans of New Delhi and has launched a statement warning the government in India of a large war-game that can be staged in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese have remarked that this exercise may increase the risk of escalating the Sino-Indian tensions from land to the sea. The Beijing-based Global Times has published an article stating “tit-for-tat” response, such a drill conducted by New Delhi may led to a severe response by the Chinese Navy. The exercise is set to begin from March 6 and is code named as ‘Milan’ the exercise would be done along the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese Navy is trying to build a strong presence in the Indian Ocean which is being considered as an offensive move by India. The Andaman And Nicobar Island is located west of Chennai at the junction of Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. This would be the ninth time this exercise would be conducted in the region since 1995. However, the size of the exercise has increased and the tactical practices involved in the exercise has also gone higher and complex. The official from the Press Trust of India said the exercise is an answer by the Indian Navy to China for the China’s growing military and power flexing in the Indo-Pacific region.

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