Women make us proud as India has the highest number of Female Pilots in the World


During a gathering that was held to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Indian Women Pilots Association (IWPA), Minister of the State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha addressed the crowd and revealed that currently, India has the maximum number of women pilots in the world. Sinha said, “India is the country with maximum number of […]

Chhattisgarh officers and NSG commandos deployed to J&K to take control of deteriorating security situation

Defense National

The security situation in Jammu and Kashmir state is worsening by the day and therefore the Modi government has decided to step up and to confront this situation and put a halt to the anti-militants who are disrupting the peace and threatening the security of this state. Chhattisgarh officers will be moved to Kashmir in […]

Al-Qaeda and ISIS banned by Government under the UAPA anti-terror law

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The Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) is a terrorist organization that aims to fight the governments of India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh to establish an Islamic state. It has created trouble with its acts of violence in the neighboring countries. It has been increasing its acts of terror on Indians in the Indian Sub- […]

Kashmiri youth being forced into stone pelting, shocking confession from two victims

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The Kashmir Valley has seen a huge rise, in stone pelting in the last few years, with a visible deterioration in the security situation due to the same. Sources allege that Kashmiri youth are being radicalized by terror groups as well as separatists. Intelligence reports and subsequent investigations too have clearly established that money is […]

India will soon have US anti- submarine warfare choppers

Defense International

Even before the crucial two plus two dialogue in Washington, the Narendra Modi government is expected to approve a $2billion, deal for the purchase of anti-submarine warfare helicopters, for the Indian Navy, from the US through the government to government (G2G) route, according to the south-block officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The […]

Know All about the NSG Commandos when they handled the Front, against the terrorists


Now the Central Government has decided to send the commandos of National Security Guard (NSG) to eliminate the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. These commandos, specially trained commandos for anti-terrorist operations, will train the Jammu and Kashmir Police and other security forces. They will also be used on the threatened location based on intelligence input. […]

Alert of terror attack on Amarnath yatra,NSG Deployed In Anti-Terror Ops In J-K Soon


In view of the terrorist attacks on the Amarnath Yatra this year, the Center has left a group of National Security Guards (NSG) for security Kashmir. This specially trained squad, known as ‘Black Cat’ commando, is being used to be used during the anti-terrorist operations in Kashmir. Officials say that a team of NSG has […]

India celebrates 4th International Day of Yoga with the World

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‘Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists. ‘ ~ Patanjali India has endowed world with greatest wonders that has helped the world in many spheres, be it the Mathematics, Philosophy, Astronomy, Medicine and many more. One of the gems among these is Yoga. It is a spiritual discipline which […]

South Korea asks for assistance and backing from India to achieve reconcilation in the Korean Peninsula


South Korea has asserted that India can play a very crucial role in the achievement of peace and tranquility in the erstwhile disturbed Korean peninsula. The island state has implored India to convince and discourage Pyongyang (North Korea) from its nuclear weapons path and move on to a path of denuclearization. Deputy Minister of Foreign […]

Honouring the Brave: Statue honouring Sikh Soldiers, who fought for Britain during WW-1, to be installed in U.K.!

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In order to honour the bravery and valour of the community who fought in the second world war, a 10 feet high bronze statue of Sikh Soldiers, would be installed in U.K’s West Midlands, to commemorate 100 years since the end of the conflict. “The Lions of the great war monument”, which will be installed […]