Voting for the first phase today, vote without Voter Card, Know how to identify your Polling Booth

In the first phase of Lok Sabha elections-2019, 91 Lok Sabha seats will be covered from the morning. As an identity card for voting on polling day, the Election Commission issues voter ID to all the voters. Only voter ID cards holders are allowed to vote. But if someone’s Vote ID card is lost or the voter ID card is made, but the voter has reach to the voter, then such people do not worry. You can vote without a voter ID card too.

First of all, find out if your name is in the voter list or not, if it is not in the list, then you can not vote. But if there is a name in the list, then you can vote by displaying the list by displaying the second ID proof on the booth.

Methods of voting without voter ID card

Actually, the Election Commission is constantly trying to get more votes this time compared to the previous election. If you have registered your name in the voter list in your constituency, that is, you have registered yourself in such a situation, you can vote without voter ID. Because, to vote, it is most essential that your name is included in the voting list as a voter.

How to find your name in the voter list

We tell you that if your voter ID card is made and you want to check your name in the voter list then first open link for it. After opening the link, you have to click on the “Search Your Name in Electoral Roll”. After this you can check your name in two ways in the voter list. You can take your details by filling in the given column or using the Election Card (EPIC) number. This EPIC number is written on your voter ID card.

If you know the EPIC number …

If you know the EPIC number then go to the electoral search of NSVP ( After that, search by EPIC No. Click on the column. Enter your EPIC number and select your state through the drop-down menu. After this, the caps filled in the box given in the code shown in the image. Now click on the search. If you do not see anything then your name is not in the voter list.

If EPIC number is not …

Firstly go to NSVP ( then click on the search and details columns, fill in your details here, after that fill the cap code and click on the search. If the result appears then your name is in the voter list.

Find out the polling booth

Firstly go to ( Electoral Search. Go to the option of citizen information and click on the booth. Fill your name, Father / Husband’s name. After entering the capscha code and entering your polling center name and all other information will be available.

Online ‘Voter Information Slip’ Print

After clicking on “Your Name in Electoral Roll” you can find your name in two ways. First- Search Your Details, by giving the necessary information you can see your name in the list. Second – Search by EPIC No. That is, you have to enter the identity card number in your voter’s card. If your name is in the voter list, then print out ‘Voter Information Slip’ online only. Other photo ID proof with this slip

It is noteworthy that the Election Commission of India had also issued the voters’ guideline in the past, that if a voter does not have a Voter ID card then voters can vote by showing only one of these 11 ID proofs.

Use one of these documents to vote

If there is a name in the list and you have removed the ‘Voter Information slip’ online then you can go to vote with one of these 11 documents, including Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Central Government / State Service ID card (along with photo) issued by the Government / Public limited company, passbook issued by the bank or post office (with photo), labor funds The smart card issued in the scheme of the scheme, MNREGA job card, health insurance smart card issued in the scheme of labor ministry, pension paper with photo, official card issued to legislators or MPs.
It is clear that after voting ‘voter information slip’ on polling booth and showing an ID proof, you will get permission to vote.


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