The Indian Army is now in a commanding position at the LOC!

All our lives we grow up watching superhero cartoons, movies and watching heroes and heroines in action in the movies, saving the world, but we they are just in there reel life. In real life our heroes are out there, protecting us in the most drastic weather conditions be it extreme summer of the desert with more than 50 degrees of temperature or be it extreme cold of Ladakh where temperature touches even minus 50 degrees.

We cannot imagine staying at such places even for a day and they are out there, selflessly out of passion and love for the nation, to protect the people of the country for years and months. They are the soldiers of the Indian Army; they stay awake in this rugged weather and terrain so that we have peaceful sleep at our homes. They teach us a major lesson that, the purpose of life is only fulfilled when you live for others as well. They are the real superheroes of our country, they should not be remembered only during 26th Jan or 15th August or during Vijay Diwas, but they should be saluted each day as, ‘we survive because they are there, guarding us day and night, taking bullets for us, killing for us so that we are safe!’.

Though it has been 19 years since the Kargil war, the inputs from intelligence suggest that not much has changed from the Pakistan side of the Line of Control (LOC). India has improved a lot at the LOC in terms of transportation, movement of troops and a high technology surveillance apparatus, which is good news indeed. Sources have said that infrastructure on the Pakistani side is much vulnerable and inferior; their radio communication line is still made of stones, while the Indian side has Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

Work to construct Zojila-pass and Sonamarg tunnel is also on and tunnel at Zojila is located at 14,000 feet, where the Indian Army had used tanks against Pakistan and this is also of strategic importance as it as an all-weather connectivity. The number of unit formation has also increased since 1999, according to the sources.


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