Pakistani Intellectuals Urges their Government to establish ties WITH ISRAEL

India and Pakistan facing their worst crisis again since both countries went to last war in 1999 i.e. Kargil war between India and Pakistan.One of the famous Pakistani daily published an editorial on Tuesday that Pakistan (Islamabad) should explore option ties with Israel to challenge the “worrying” Israel-India “nexus.”

It was mentioned that Israel and Pakistan “are not enemies,” the editorial published in Pakistan’s so called liberal, English-language Daily Times. “[Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu has opened doors for Islamabad from time to time, but the domestic political environment of Pakistan are some of the key hindrances,” the paper wrote.

The editorial of Daily News Paper has written about the close relationship that has developed in last 3 decades between New Delhi and Jerusalem , wrote that “perhaps in near future a time may come when Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) opens its doors to the Israel on pragmatic grounds.”

The paper mentioned about former Pakistani General and president Pervez Musharraf as arguing in favor of a policy shift toward Israel, and wrote, “Perhaps the Pakistani Parliament would initiate a debate on Pakistan’s relationship with Israel and will try to create a national consensus on how to stop the challenge of India-Israel nexus.”

Israel and Pakistan do not have diplomatic ties.

The country which supplies latest technology or arms is Israel, we can say Israel is one of India’s chief suppliers, and the weapons provided by Israel during the Kargil War in 1999, It is widely believed to have contributed to India’s successes.

Parvez Musharraf the former president of Pakistan, living in self-exile in Dubai, was quoted as addressing a press conference there two weeks ago that Pakistan should establish relationship with Israel “will help Pakistan counter India.”



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