Mr. Congress President, stop imposing threats on National security for your Politics

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday crossed the boundaries of sappy political accusation in his campaign against the BJP by asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tell the people which government was in power when Masood Azhar was released from an Indian jail and who was the person who escorted Jaish-e-Mohammed (Jem) chief Masood Azhar back to Pakistan.

He is not targeting then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee led BJP goverment, but also abused our National Security Advisor Mr. Ajit Doval, who has become a nightmare for ISI and all the terrorist groups backed by pakistan. Mr. Congress President is misusing such critical matters of national security like Rafael deal with France, 1999 Kandhar Kand etc for his cheap political benefits.

Please allow us to present a couple of important and irrefutable facts which would clearly reveal how the situation demanded the release of Jaish-e-Mohammed (Jem) chief Masood Azhar and unmask the truth behind Rahul Gandhi’s accusation.

1. One of the most prime reason behind the diplomatic failure of Indian Airlines Flight 814 hijack in 1999 and the release of Mulana Masood Azhar was India’s lack of previous contact with the Taliban regime. This complicated the negotiating process, leading to an unfortunate failure.Before the establishment of Vajpayee led BJP government in 1998, there was Congress government which was only busy in all kinds of appeasement rather than bolstering diplomatic relationships with other nations. If Congress government could establish a healthy relationship with the Taliban regime, this would have been, all together, a different case.

2. IB proclaimed that the hijackers were getting active ISI support in Kandahar and that the ISI had removed all the pressure the Indians were trying to put on the hijackers and even that their safe exit was guaranteed, so they had no need to negotiate an escape.If Congress government could maintain a pressure on Pakistan after our independence in 1947 like we did now (considering the recent incident of safe and quick release of IAF pilot Abhinandan detained by Pakistan Army), this would never have been the case.

Therefore, Congress should revisit its contribution towards the safe escape of Jaish-e-Mohammed (Jem) chief Masood Azhar rather than demoralizing Indian public by condemning our hero and then Raw Chief Mr. Ajit Doval, who has executed a lot of anti-terror operations in favor of our nation and delivered the much needed results with unprecedented success rate.

Rahul Should not forget that his party-men forced Then Prime Minister and government to release masood. He must know that then Minister Jashwant singh was the person who went with Masood to release. Mr. Ajit Doval was government official who was working as per government order and political compulsions. He should also know the Mr. Doval was not ready to handover Masood but He was in favor of commando operation. everyone knows that Rahul doesn’t have proper knowledge but then also, he must know that by criticizing security officials, he is demotivating honest officers of India.


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