How Modi-Doval duo shifted the India-Pakistan paradigm

Modi, the Game Changer

In 2014, BJP came to power and Narendra Modi became PM of India, He decided to fight against jihadist threat from Pakistan through forceful means. Unlike previous governments and Prime ministers, the New Indian prime minister wore nationalism on his sleeve and had the propensity to take calculated risks for national security.

You can remember the month of September 2016, following a jihadist att-ack by Lashkar on an Indian military camp in Uri in Kashmir, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi ordered 25 Indian soldiers of different battalion of the Indian Army to cross over the Line of Control (LoC) into Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

The men in uniform went three kilometers inside Pakistani territory and destroyed seven terrorist camps, killing approximately 50 jihadists, and then came back into own land i.e India. At that time also Pakistan denied that these ‘surgical strikes’ had any impact and downplayed the whole story as an Indian ‘illusion’. Admitting these strikes would amount to Islamabad acknowledging the presence of jihadists on its soil.This was a major military failure for Pakistan. The scale of these operations was unprecedented in peacetime and conveyed a message from India that now India had a bold political leadership willing to take the battle into the adversary’s zone.

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What happened in recent time on February 26, 2019, we can call it ‘surgical strikes 2.0’, but using a different mode of operation. Following the worst suicide bombing in Pulwama, which killed 40 Indian soldiers of CRPF, what happend after that is known to everyone, Modi authorized the Indian Air Force (IAF) to fly fighter jets in the dark of the night and it will be more than 30 kilometers inside Pakistan and strike Jaish e Mohammad training camps.

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In recent time this was the first use of IAF across the Line of Control since the 1971 war. Now, Indian spokesperson called this surgical strikes 2.0 as ‘non-military pre-emptive action’, a phrase that clearly indicates that more such counter-measures can be taken through land, air or sea if required. whenever there are terro-rist attacks or plots being done by Pakistan-based jihadists against India, India will give Befitting reply as this is the new India of Modi. International community have sided with India’s right to defend itself against terrorism, but the world is also anxious to avert full-scale India-Pakistan war.


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