Martyr’s Wife cleared SSB, All set To Join Indian Army As A Tribute To Late Husband

‘My husband always wanted to see me happy and laughing”. I wanted to do something for him and that’s why I chose to go to the army. ‘ Gauri Mahadik, wife of Major Prasad Mahadik, said that tears came out of his eyes. Gauri is now ready to step up the country’s flag after wearing Army uniform after clearing the SSB exam.

Army Major Prasad Mahadik was posted in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, where he was martyred in the attack of militants in December 2017. His wife, Gauri, has secured top rank in the Special Examination to be held for the widows of the martyrs. Gauri said, “After 10 days of my husband’s martyrdom, I was thinking what to do now. Then I thought of doing something for Prasad (My Husband) and made my goal to join the Indian Army.

Gauri said, “I had decided that I would wear husband’s uniform and stars. This will be the uniform of both of us now. Now after training in Chennai’s Officers Training Academy, I will serve as a lieutenant next year in the Army. At this place my husband had also trained and now I am ready to go through strict training like he had. ”

Major Mahadik (31) was the officer in the 7th Indian Regiment of the Indian Army. He was posting in Tawang near India-China border, where he was martyred in the firing of militants on December 30, 2017. At 6 am, firing started at his barracks.Wife Gauri Cleared the SSB examination , Will get uniform after 1 year of rigorous training


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