J&K sees the end of Ceasefire; Government’s main priority is to conduct Amarnath Yatra amicably

The decision made by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Sunday that the month-long Ramzan ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir shall not be extended any longer was declared by The Minister of State (MoS) Jitendra Singh.

The decision was taken by the Central Government on 17 May to not conduct any displeasing operations in J&K during the holy month of Ramzan in order to provide the people a useful and appropriate environment to observe Ramzan. The security forces showed great control during this time but the terrorists continued their assault on the Security Forces and this had led to several deaths and injuries, such as the death of journalist Shujaat Bukhari and rifleman Aurangzeb that took place earlier this week.

The government has hence decided to put an end to the ceasefire and continue its attempt to achieve a Jammu and Kashmir that is free of violence and terror. Actions will be taken by the Security Forces as before to prevent terrorists from attacking the civilians and wallowing in killings and violence.

Singh said, “We have taken the decision in the right spirit. The Home Ministry has taken into cognizance all inputs available. The immediate priority for us is that we have to conduct upcoming Amarnath Yatra peacefully. Not only the government, even the civil society needs to cooperate in that.”

The government says that their main priority, for now, should be to make sure the ‘Amarnath Yatra’ which is starting from 28th June is handled amicably.

The Amarnath Yatra is not only a pilgrimage that is important to the Hindus but is a definite symbol of the culture of Jammu and Kashmir. The security forces need to make sure that no violent incident should take place across the border that would discourage the pilgrims who will be coming from all over the country, said Singh.

The government, as well as the civilians, need to cooperate with each other and exercise an immense amount of vigilance, as security agencies have alerted the government about the disruption that might be created by certain terror groups during the approaching Amarnath Yatra.

On 10 July, last year, while returning from the Amarnath Yatra, seven pilgrims were killed and many were injured in a terrorist attack.


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