India Shocks Pakistan From Iran Chabahar Port, Afghanistan reduced its trade with Pak to half

India’s campaign to circumvent Pakistan, which is raising the terro-rists, is now constantly working fine in all direction. Pakistan is now facing difficulties in business with Afghanistan.

The bilateral trade between the two neighboring countries at one time was about $ 5 billion, which has now dropped to one and a half billion dollars. Its biggest reason is the Chabahar port of Iran, which has been built with the help of India.

In fact, Pakistan used to ignore the direct access to Afghanistan surrounded by land from all four sides. In order to break it, India decided to send the goods to Iran through Afghanistan. For this, Indian Government invested billions of rupees in Chabahar Port in Iran and built road link from Iran to Afghanistan. Now the Iranian port easily gives Afghanistan access to the sea.

Iran is also building the railway line to connect Chabahar port to Afghanistan. In the past, India has exported 1.1 million tonnes of wheat and 2000 tonnes of lentil oil to Afghanistan through Chabahar Port. The two countries had set up air corridors in 2017. Afghanistan also started exporting to India through Iranian port last month.

This move of India has hit Pakistan badly. Bilateral trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has come down from the highest level of $ 5 billion to $ 1.5 billion last year. This has badly reduced its revenue. Pakistan’s leading analyst Ahmed Rashid believes that Iran’s Chabahar Port is working on its own capacity, while the movement of goods in Pakistan’s Deep Sea Port Gwadar is very less.

Let us tell you that China is building the Gwadar Port located in Balochistan, Pakistan. China has invested billions of dollars in the Gwadar port being built under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Not only this, for the next 40 years, China’s company will get 91 percent of its revenues and only 9 percent of total revenue will be given to Pakistani authority.


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