India can buy national air defense system from US

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will be on three days visit to Washington next week. She might have a discussion to make strong India and US defense relationship after the US imposed the restriction on India. This trip is very important for both countries.

India will also negotiate on buying its National Air Defense System from the US during this period. To strengthen bilateral defense relations on the invitation of US Defense Secretary James Matisse, Sitharaman will be on a tour of the US from December 3-6.

However, to overcome America’s displeasure, India had indicated to discuss the purchase of the American National Air Defense System. This defense system will act as anti-missile Shield over Delhi, which can destroy any attacking missile in the sky.

Sitharaman can also discuss with the US officials to buy weapon-based predator drones. Before the Defense Minister went to the US, India has indicated that she can have a deal with the United States to buy multi-role helicopters for the Navy.

This visit of the Defense Minister is going on between the disputes of the American “Katasa Law”. The US has not yet clarified that India will not be free from the restrictions of Katwa against India’s procurement of weapons systems from Russia.

On September 8, the US State and Defense Minister came to India for a two plus two dialogue with India, during which several decisions were taken to deepen defense cooperation. Under the Katsa law, the US has announced a ban on all countries and their institutions, which will buy military goods from Russia.

When India had signed an agreement to purchase the Russian S-400 anti-missile system in October, the US President had warned India that action would be taken to ban India soon. In this meeting of the two countries, there will be special discussion on Basic Exchange and Cooperation ie basic transaction and cooperation. At the same time, India and the US Defense Minister will also discuss issues related to their interests and security related to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. The visit of Defense Minister’s is particular to discuss the Indo-Pacific region.


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