Big Breaking: Yogi in action demoli’shed Urdu Gate build by Azam Khan

The District Magistrate of Rampur had taken a big action today by demolishing the “URDU GATE” which was built by Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan.

The district administration broke the Urdu Gate on the road leading to Jauhar University of Azam Khan, the leader of the Samajwadi Party and the former Cabinet Minister by imposing a large number of police force. This gate was built by Azam Khan in the Akhilesh government. The breakdown of the Urdu Gate has made the political atmosphere warm.

While the Samajwadi Party took over the power of UP, the Urdu Gate of Jauhar University was built for which the government had spent 40 lakh rupees. The length of this gate was only 8 feet. Due to which the heavy vehicles on this road were closed in the movement. Urdu Gate used to create obstacles for heavy vehicles on the road linking Rampur district to Uttarakhand. After this complaint, the Yogi Government had ordered the District Magistrate to investigate its construction.

DM Anjaney Kumar Singh said that this gate was made by the CNDS from the legislative fund. No rule was followed in making this If a speed breaker is also made on any road, it is necessary to get the permission of the district administration, but not even a single permission was taken to build this gate.


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