Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expresses her gratitude to India for “standing beside Bangladesh in times of crisis”

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina acknowledged India’s massive help in times of crisis. She also said that several bilateral issues between India and Bangladesh have been resolved in a proper manner without any strain to their ties. The two countries signed the Land Boundary Agreement for exchange of enclaves and settled all border disputes, said the PM.

“Together we have resolved many bilateral issues in an amicable way for the benefit of both the countries. Although there are issues that still need to be taken care of, I do not wish to mention them at this programme,” Hasina said.

Together with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Bangladesh Prime Minister inaugurated the Bangladesh Bhavan at the campus of Visva Bharati University. It is a centre dedicated to cultural cooperation. Hasina said, “We are delighted with our share in Visva Bharati University. The students, scholars and teachers will be immensely benefited from this Bhavan.” Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore had given his all to build up the university that would preserve his ideologies, she said. “Tagore belongs to both India and Bangladesh because he has written the national anthems of both the nations. He wrote most of his poems in Bangladesh and that is why we can claim a greater right over him,” she added.

Hasina expressed her gratitude to the nation for “standing beside Bangladesh in times of crisis”. “We shall never forget how India stood beside us during 1971 liberation war,” said the Bangladesh PM.

Bangladesh has experienced extreme poverty over the years and has been trying effortlessly to eliminate poverty from the entire nation. Hasina said that poverty remains a major problem in developing countries. But she added, “We are getting all cooperation from India, as both the countries want to alleviate poverty in this region. By 2041 we want to develop Bangladesh into a ‘Sonar Bangla’ (Golden Bangladesh)”.


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