Ajit Doval’s played an important role in bringing Christian back to India

Christian Mitchell (57), accused in the AgustaWestland scandal, was extradited to Delhi on Tuesday night from Dubai. After Michelle’s arrival to India, he will be presented to the court. Mitchell’s extradition is believed to be important in many cases.

The role of National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, is being considered as important for this success achieved by the government. According to the reports, this extradition was accomplished with the coordination of Doval and the caretaker director of the CBI, M Nageshwar Rao.

The CBI told that the operation was done with the coordination with the acting director M Nageshwar Rao. Apart from this, the team led by CBI’s joint director Sai Manohar played a key role in fulfilling the mission while staying in Dubai.

Today CBI will present Mitchell to Patiala House Court and seek remand for questioning. In the deal of approximately Rs 3,600 crores during the UPA regime, Christian Mitchell was in the role of chief broker. Almost all the bribe among the politicians and officals was distribured by him.

Bringing Back Michelle to India befor the upcoming Loksabha election can play a mojor role. The Supreme Court of UAE (UAE) had dismissed Christian Mitchell’s appeal on November 19 and upheld the lower court’s decision to extradite him to India.

After this, the Justice Department of the UAE has completed the necessary procedure for his extradition in the last two weeks. Secretary (Economic Relations) TS Trimurthy in the Ministry of External Affairs told that Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj spoke on the extradition case from the counselor in the UAE. Sushma is currently in Dubai to attend the 12th session of the India-UAE Joint Commission Meeting

According to the statement given by the CBI, the entire operation has been executed under the guidance of Ajit Doval. The operation was completed with the coordination of the CBI’s Director-in-charge M Nageshwar Rao. Besides, the team led by CBI’s Joint Director Sai Manohar stayed in Dubai and played a vital role in completing the mission.


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