The Indian Air Force's largest transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster

Indian Air Force biggest aircraft ‘C-17 Globemaster’ landed in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tuting airfield.

Defense National

The Indian Air Force’s largest transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster landed in Tuting on Tuesday in Arunachal Pradesh. This place is near the border with China. An Air Force spokesman said, “The C 17 Globemaster aircraft has landed in Tuting Advanced Landing Ground.” He said that due to the superior performance of the aircraft and the excellent skills of the pilots, this mission was done uninterrupted.

The Indian Airforce spokesperson also said that “It is very important that the US-built aircraft land near the Chinese border because the IAF is strategically important force in the region and the border states, these drills make it make it strong. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said on Tuesday that the annual military exercise of India and China will be restored. He also said that relations between the two countries had come bitter after the confrontation between the two forces in the Dokalam region and now it is improving. Rawat said that military diplomacy worked with China and the meeting of border security forces, which was closed after the Dokalam deadlock, but has resumed again. He said that the harmony between the two security forces has been restored. In response to a question, the Army Chief said, “There is a military exercise every year with China. Just last year, this practice (due to the stress caused by the Dokalam deadlock) was postponed, but now this practice will be done. “There was a standoff for 73 days between the Indian and Chinese military personnel in Dokalam. Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to China next month and it is believed that this issue could arise during the negotiations. Indian Air Force has ordered ten C-17 planes with the US in accordance with the agreement in 2011 and three of them have already been handed over to India. It is a strategically important and a potent aircraft for a heavy mobility.

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