General Bipin Rawat: Military Power Should Rise Simultaneously With Economy


Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said on Tuesday that China is in a position today that it can challenge the United States because we should not forget that military power and economy should be equally increased. He said, ‘That is why they are standing firmly on the International World Border today and are challenging America.’ General Rawat further said that after this the focus of the international community has shifted towards the Indo-Pacific region.

The Army Chief said that as China’s influence is increasing, countries across the world started looking towards India whether we could become a country that could balance China’s growing power. This is due to the domination of China. Talking about the economy, he said that if your economy is increasing, then you must also ensure the security of the investment in your country. Speaking of defense spending, General Rawat said, “The common perception is that defense spending is actually a burden on the country. He believes that whatever is spent in defense does not get any returns. I want to remove this myth. ‘ He said that the Army, Air Force and Navy three need to be equally strengthened.The army chief further said that the entire defense expenditure is used only to maintain the army? He said, ‘This is another myth which I want to remove. About 35 percent of our budget is spent on nation-building. General Bipin Rawat said that when we do infrastructure development on the borders, we also add people who are living in remote areas. It helps to unite the country.

Warning to Pakistan, the Army Chief said that if they increase activities from across the border, then we have the option of going to the next level. He said that Pakistan knows that it can not increase terrorist activities. People across the border are facing more damage than us. The General said that we have ensured that they (Pakistan) have equal harm. When they feel they have suffered more, we will talk about our ceasefire on our terms. We do not want a ceasefire on Pakistan’s terms. ” On the practice with China, the Army Chief said that it happens every year. Last year was postponed, but this practice (hand in hand) is once again on track. There has been a re-meeting with China after the Dokalam. He said that military diplomacy with China has been effective and it is moving forward.

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