Vast Network Of Rail Corridors Along China-Pakistan Border

India is strengthening its railway infrastructure on the western frontier of the country along Pak Border, and in the east, it seems to be with China. Defense Ministry sources said that the railway infrastructure is being improved to get the goods, soldiers, logistics such as tanks, artillery guns and combat vehicles etc.

For this, the Indian Army and the Railways are working closely together in the border areas. In this regard, China involves ramping for early loading and unloading of heavy equipment such as Silpathar, Murakongslake, New Missamari and Maakum in Assam, Bhalukpong in Arunachal Pradesh and artillery guns in Nagaland in Nagaland. Similar ramps will be made for the fast movement of tanks near the border with Pakistan.

Sources said that trials are also being done to increase the speed of the military special trains. These trains run at a speed of only 20 to 30 kilometers per hour. The reason for this is that heavy loads of trucks and loads of different sizes are required on these trains. The purpose of increasing the railway infrastructure near the border is to speed up the army and equipment as well as to shift the army from one sector to another in the event of greater danger.

Most of the transport is done through rail because the ability to carry soldiers and equipment through airplanes is less. Army uses 750-800 MLT special trains for transportation every year. Sources said that for the use of special trains and other services, the Railways receives a revenue of Rs 2,000 crore annually from the army. In the event of the need for infrastructure at many places and the army’s budget is low, Railways also uses its budget.


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