Security forces have stacked 3 militants

Jammu and Kashmir: 3 militants killed in an encounter in Anantnag, Army launches sanitization operation.

Security forces have stacked 3 militants in Hakuba, of Anantnag area. Although the terrorists have not been identified so far, the fears are that they may be local residents. The search operation is being carried out in the spot of the encounter. At the same time there has been no harm to the security forces in the encounter.

AK 47, pistol and hand grenades have been recovered from the dead terrorists. Earlier, the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Army had killed Mufti Waqas, the conspirator of five suicide attacks, including Sunjwan assault, in a rapidly operated operation in Hatwara village of Pulwama district of south Kashmir on March 5th, 2018.The killed terrorist Waquas was on the radar of the security agencies after he masterminded the attack on the army camp in Sunjwan in Jammu, because he was constantly giving information to his handler based in Pakistan and he was convincing them that the ‘next attack’ would be in the interior of the country. The police had formed a team to chase Waqas. He inspired youth to become a suicide bomber, which is why he was nicknamed as the ‘Killing Machine’. It was found that he played an important role in making Fardeen Khanade (16) and Manjoor Ahmad Baba (21) by brainwashing them and compelled them to wage jihad against the main land. Together with a Pakistani national, both of them attacked a camp of CRPF at Lethpura in south Kashmir on 30 December and 2017 night. Five security personnel were killed in the attack. All three terrorists were killed in response to the security forces. Officials said that Waquas had the ability to create more suicide bombers. Officials also said that the search for three Kashmiri youths is being carried out who werereported to have joined the Jahes Mohammad terrorist organization.

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