World may have to pay for China’s irresponsible space exploration. Chinese space station may fall on earth till April. Results to be devastating.

World may have to pay for China’s irresponsible space exploration. Chinese space station may fall on earth till April. Results to be devastating.


China’s space station in space is rapidly falling to the ground. According to space scientists, it can fall on earth from March 27 to April. This has raised fears of a great catastrophe on Earth. This space station, named Tianjong-1, was China’s first prototype space station. Scientists have been tracking this over the past few months.

The scientists have now fully assumed that the space station which is falling at the speed of 28 thousand km/ hour, is out of control. The Chinese Space Agency China National Space Administration (CNSA) launched its first prototype space center on September 29, 2011. It weighs 8.5 tons. It is 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. It was launched from Long March 2 F / G Rocket. It was part of the Tianjong program and was also the first active part of the program. The China’s space center is filled with the deadly chemicals. So, whenever it collides with the earth, it will create a dangerous situation. Scientists believe that its debris can spread thousands of kilometers away after entering the Earth’s atmosphere. This debris can also fall on populated areas. On March 21, 2016, after China extended its two-year campaign period of its space station, China officially shut down its services. The Chinese Space Agency lost control after a few years of launching the Tiangong-1 and after a few months of shutting down the services of the space station. After this, the scientists had said in the end of 2017 that the space station may enter the Earth’s atmosphere and get destroyed by burning.

Which place it will fall on the earth and how much devastation it may cause is something the scientists are still unable to detect. They cannot even imagine how much debris it will bring when it falls on in the environment of Earth and the place where it will fall. Scientists say that it is impossible to say where it will fall on Earth. The information about its falling location will be available shortly before it falls. Scientists believe that it is possible that it may also fall into the sea. Western scientists estimate that its fuel tank can be made of titanium. Although they do not have accurate information about its metals. But according to them, if it is titanium, then it can be filled with poisonous chemicals hydrazine. For this reason, if it falls on a population area, its consequences can be serious. The consequences of this space station falling on the earth can be very devastating a sit may bring in chemical compositions not suitable for the living beings and if these chemicals fall in the sea it may pollute the water which would become an irrecoverable damage. The Chinese scientists however, are acting as if it was not a result of their irresponsible space exploration.

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