Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed displeasure

PM Modi angry over action taken on BSF Jawan. Requested the Commanding Officer to pull back decision.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed displeasure over the action taken against BSF Jawan for not prefixing ‘Honorable’ or ‘Shri’ in front of PM Modi’s name. Taking cognizance of the matter, Prime Minister Modi talked to BSF DG and requested him about the withdrawal of the sentence. Simultaneously, PM Modi advised the Commanding Officer of the battalion Anup Lal Bhagat not to do this in the future.

According to the news published in of Times of India, as per the daily schedule on February 21, all the young soldiers were engaged in Zero parade in the Headquarters of the 15th Battalion of BSF based in Mahatpur. The reporting after the parade was scheduled, BSF Jawan Sanjeev Kumar, while reporting the report, mentioned the word Modi program. By not applying Mr. or honorable to the name of the PM Modi, the Commanding Officer of the battalion Anup Lal Bhagat became angry and he had said that he would act against it. Acting on the BSF jawans, the top officials had cut their 7-day salary. Battalion commanding officer Anup Lal Bhagat has taken disciplinary action against BSF jawan Sanjeev Kumar and he was convicted under Section 40 of the BSF Act. After being found guilty, seven days’ pay of the BSF jawans were cut off. According to the report, in this case, some officers of the BSF have described it as a strict and unnecessary punishment. Officials say that it is off-the-record conversations that could be disposed of without any disciplinary action. However, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to know about such situation he was very angry and regarded this action and punishment totally uncalled for and against the democratic system. Prime Minister directly intervened in the matter and expressed his anger in the matter and requested the Commanding Officer of the battalion to revoke the sentence on the soldiers.

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