The 33-year-old Gomaji Matamani of C-60 Commando

Despite wounds in his chest, Gomaji Matamani an unarmed soldier attacked the Maoists and chased them down.

Defense National

The 33-year-old Gomaji Matamani of C-60 Commando Police has participated in more number of encounters than his age. Gomaji, stationed in Gadchiroli headquarters, proved once again on Sunday that if there is courage, the empty hands can also be used as a weapon against the enemy. Gomaji, who has been part of the district police since 2006, despite being wounded in the chest, took on the armed Maoists empty hand and successfully managed to disperse them.

Gomaji’s courage is being appreciated not only in the Police Department, but his courage and bravery may get him the gallantry award next year. Gomaji managed to snatch not only his AK-47 rifle from the Maoists but also forced them to leave their weapons and run away. Despite being wounded in the chest, he continued to chase the attackers who were running in the busy market. The process sudden attack in the Maoist divisions is very familiar and often such attacks are done to take weapons of the police men and snatch their live cartridges. This time Gomaji forced them to leave their weapons and ten cartridges. Gomaji explains, “Before I could understand something, I was caught on my right hand by holding my left hand and four assailants surrounded me. One of them removed the gun and pressed the trigger but there was no fire. It all happened so fast that I did not understand anything. I understood that their purpose was to kill and take away my weapon, so I did not allow my grip to weaken till the end. They hurt me and took away my AK-47, but I ran behind them and got confronted with them.’ It is hard to believe that the cheerful Gomaji, admitted to the OCHRI hospital, has just faced death and has defeated death. He said that the Maoists came in plain clothes, an action team of Maoists surrounded him when he was returning from weekly market to his police post. The rest of the team went ahead and stopped in the market to meet one of their partners.

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