On Saturday, three agreements were signed between India and Vietnam in New Delhi.

India and Vietnam closeness, a matter great concern for China.

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On Saturday, three agreements were signed between India and Vietnam in New Delhi. This included the agreement on nuclear co-operation between the two countries. There was agreement on enhancing bilateral cooperation, the Vietnam’s President Tran Dai Kwang and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inked agreements in several areas including defense, oil, gas and agriculture.

In the joint press conference after the meeting, Prime Minister Modi said, “We will make joint efforts to make the Indo-Pacific region independent and prosperous, where international laws are respected and the differences can be resolved with mutual negotiations.” As per a defense expert the defense co-operation agreement between India and Vietnam is a serious concern for China and a major win-win situation for India. The defense experts say that these agreements are very important for bilateral relations between India and Vietnam. Both have signed agreements on political, strategic, economic and energy related aspects. The experts are also underlined some of the principles. Particularly, they are insisting on respecting international laws. Actually, the analysts are pointing to China. Things are serious in South China Sea near Vietnam, but the situation is not very clear. Here China has also built an artificial island, with which Vietnam has been raising the objection. In view of these things, it is an indication that India and Vietnam value international principles while staying within their purview. The experts are of the view that it would be interesting to see if there will be a meeting of Defense Ministers of ASEAN countries in June-July, whether the country will be ready to support these principles. Every bilateral relationship is important in itself, even if the country is big or small. Anyway, India wants to increase its credibility in Asia’s continent, hence it is giving importance to every bilateral relationship. The bilateral relations between India and Vietnam are historical.

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