During the forthcoming Russia’s visit Defense Minister

China be careful! India, in preparing to buy S-400 missile from Russia, will blow enemies in the sky.

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During the forthcoming Russia’s visit Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, can put efforts to settle the deal for purchase of the S-400 Triumph air defense missile system. This information was given by official sources from the MOD. The deal of estimated Rs 40,000 crore is mainly stuck with the price. According to sources, India would want the deal to be cleared during the Defense Minister Nirmala visit to Russia.

Sources said that she could go on a trip to Moscow within six weeks. The 400-kilometer firepower of the S-400 Triumph missiles, which destroys the target in the sky, at a range of 400 km. This is Russia’s most equitable system. India wants to get this system to protect its air boundaries, in order to strengthen its military preparedness on the nearly 4,000-kilometer long border connected to China. China had made a purchase agreement from Russia for this system in 2014 and The Russians have already started supplying it. But it is not known how many missiles they are buying. Sources here said, ‘Nirmala will be a big agenda to fix the S-400 deal during the Moscow’s tour.’ This system is manufactured by the Almat-ante company there and it is included in the Russian army since 2007. India has been talking about this for more than one and a half years and wants to buy at least five systems. This system can blast three different types of missiles. In this way it prepares a different layer of air protection. Sources said that no decision has been taken regarding the deal of fifth-generation aircraft with Russia because its cost is very high. The fifth-generation fighter aircraft project which was believed to be a joint project between India and Russia has landed into jeopardy due to heavy cost of development. The FGFA is said to match the standards of the F22 raptor of the US Air Force.

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