A Delhi court on Thursday sent K Chidambaram to CBI custody for five days

Karti’s custodial interrogation is necessary to expose a big conspiracy: says court.


A Delhi court on Thursday sent K Chidambaram to CBI custody for five days for questioning. The court said that this inquiry is necessary to expose a big conspiracy in the INX media case. His presence will help in proving some important facts related to the investigation. The court said that to give Karti custody of CBI, it is also necessary that he be confronted with available documents and co-accused. Along with this, the role of others involved in the case can also be investigated.

The CBI has also said that it has got three mobile phones from K Chidambaram which must be tested. The CBI says that Karti has to be questioned about the statements of various witnesses also. These include the former RBI governor D. Subbarao. Subbarao was the head of the committee related to the FIPB issue before the approval of the INX Media at that time. Karti was presented in the court of the Special Judge of the CBI on Thursday. The judge allowed him to meet his parents. Both Karti’s mother Nalini Chidambaram and father P. Chidambaram were present in the court and both are senior advocates. Meanwhile, Karti’s lawyers were also present in the court room. The decision to send Karti to CBI custody came after a three-hour hearing. Special judge Sunil Rana said, considering that the matter is in the initial round of investigation and it is a very serious round. Looking at the case diary and day-to-day investigations, the CBI claim is based on the ground that in the first case, the evidence which is seen in the case requires further investigations in connection with the involvement of Karti. The court said that It is clear that in view of some important and specific reasons related to the completion of the investigation, attendance in the case of the accused is really necessary.

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