The scenario has changed where we generally see that the Indian Army

Indian Navy to move focus to A&N Islands to be fully prepared for a two-front War.

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The scenario has changed where we generally see that the Indian Army and the Indian Ari Force top commanders discussing the preparedness of a two-front war which may break out in near future, this time the Indian Navy is also sensing on a two-front war and is gearing up its preparedness to meet the demands and provide the security cover for the country.

The Indian Navy has started training its personnel for such a two-front war scenario. The Indian Navy in a bid to strengthen its preparedness is all set to move towards the waters off Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The plan is to make a strong presence in the Indian Navy and proper acclimatization drills for the personnel of the fighting force. The Navy has planned after completing a three week long operational exercise in the Arabian sea. The Western Naval Command, which organized an operational preparedness exercise in the Arabian Sea named ‘Paschim Leher’ has officially confirmed on Thursday about the closure of the exercise. The exercise was organized for the purpose of testing the operational readiness of the Western Naval Command. As per the official report by the Indian Navy over 40 naval vessels participated in the exercise held in the Arabian Sea. The frontline ships of the Western Fleet and Eastern Fleet which included the newly inducted Kolkata-class destroyer, the sole aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, frigates, submarines, potent missile vessels, patrol vessels of the Indian Coast Guard, also participated in the exercise. An officer representing the Indian Navy said: “In addition, the exercise also witnessed intense flying activity by the carrier-borne MiG-29Ks, P-8Is, IL-38SDs and Dorniers as well as remotely piloted aircraft,”. The officer also added that the exercise was so planned to enhance the participation of the aircraft from the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air force (IAF) prime assets such as the maritime Jaguar fighters, AWACS, Su-30 MKIs also participated in conjugation with the Indian Navy.

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