Travel from Pune to Mumbai in Just 25 Minutes with the Hyperloop One

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Can you ever imagine – people can reach from Mumbai to Pune within 25 minutes. Yes it is going to be feasible in future. We need to wait another 5-7 years.Virgin Group has been currently working on its own superfast transportation system ‘Hyperloop One’, and will open the world’s first operational hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune in India. The Hyperloop One will connect the city of Pune, the upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai in just 25 minutes, as opposed to the current three hours taken for the same distance.

Hyperloop train is better than any super-speed train or aircraft in terms of speed. Its experiments are being conducted in Nevada, USA.The hyperloop, with a speed of 350 kmph, will be able to move 10,000 passengers an hour and 150 million passengers a year once fully operational, demanded the Virgin group.It is capable of reaching speeds up to 1,000 kmph and will also connect the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai airports.

British business tycoon and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is always interested to establish a HyperLop network to capture Indian market. On Sunday,.He announced on Sunday that the world’s first operational hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune would be developed by 2025 and that it would take only 25 minutes to travel to Mumbai airport from Pune, reducing the travel time by at least 3 hours.

“Mumbai-Pune is one of the most busiest routes in the world, anybody who uses it regularly knows it can be unpleasant route to travel on. The study just shows that the opportunity is enormous and the government is welcoming it with open arms and they are working very closely with us to make it happen. Three years from now we will finish the test run on this route and six to seven years from now the route will be commercially opened,” informed Branson.

He has signed the primary agreement with the Maharashtra government. Virgin group demanded that it would another two-three years to create hyperlip tube tracks once the final agreement is done. ‘Hyperloinop One’ can entirely change the experience of train journey.

The Pune-Mumbai hyperloop project could result in $55 billion in socio-economic benefits over 30 years of operation, according to an initial study by Virgin Hyperloop One. The system is also said to reduce gas emissions of up to 86,000 tons over 30 years.

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