Ex Maldives President Nasheed Snubs China, Asks India To Play Role Of Liberators


Former Maldivian ex-President Mohamed Nasheed, on one hand, has asked China to stay away from the impasse in the country, then have demanded intervention from India. Nasheed tweeted on Wednesday that India should play the role of mediator in the Maldives with the intervention of the army. This proposal of Nasheed is a blow to China directly.

Recently China had opposed military intervention in the Maldives, saying that this crisis should be resolved through negotiation. China had said Nasheed’s demand from India on behalf of the demand that the military interference in the Maldives could further worsen the situation. Maldivian President Abdullah Yameen is considered to be close to China. On Monday, he announced an emergency in the country and arrested two top Supreme Court judges. Meanwhile, the judicial services commission in the Maldives has suspended chief justice Abdullah Sayeed and Justice Ali Hameed.

Nasheed tweeted, “It is an internal matter of settling the dispute, to further increase the rebellion, which can lead to big fuss. The people of Maldives have also seen India’s positive role in 1988. They solved the crisis and went away. India is not an occupying country, it is about to give independence. That is why the Maldives has once again been looking towards India. ‘ Nasheed also tweeted on Tuesday, “We want the Indian government to send its troops and release judges and political prisoners. The arrested people include former President Mamun Abdul Gayoom. We demand the physical progress of India. ‘

In 1988, India had established peace in the Maldives
The same crisis in the Maldives was in 1988. Then the then President was taken into custody, Abdul Gayoom asked for help from India against the coup efforts. Then India sent its troops to control the situation of fury in the country. After the situation was normal, the Indian soldiers had returned home.

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