Video: Inside story of Ajit doval In Lahore, Pakistan


Pakistan’s military establishment hates country’s most famous detectives, former Head of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and current National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. In the name of Ajit Kumar Doval Pakistani print and electronic and social media, and especially those active on Twitter is regularly filled with negative news and top enemy of Pakistan.

His popularity in the Indian intelligence establishment is also due to the fact that he was an agency’s undercover agent in his early days and was active in Pakistan for seven years. He was like a Pakistani Muslim in Lahore city of Pakistan. During an important operation of the Indian Army Blue Star, he played the role of an intelligence and provided vital intelligence for Indian security forces, with the help of which the military operation could be successful. During this time, his role was a Pakistani spy, who had won the trust of Khalistanis and provided information about his preparations. When the Indian Airlines flight IC-814 was hijacked from Kathmandu in 1999, he was made the main negotiator from India. Later, this flight was taken to Kandahar and the passengers were taken, hostage. He also did remarkable work in Kashmir and infiltrated militant organizations. They were also active in the North East in the eighties At that time, the Mizo National Front, led by Laldenga, had spread violence and unrest, but then Dowwal had won the confidence of six commanders in Laldenga’s seven, and the result was that Laldeenga had the option of peace with the Indian government in compulsion. Those who wonder if Doval is considered as a modern Chanakya combining James Bond and Henry Kissinger, and actually should watch this video

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