When 2 Adults Get Married, No One Can Interfere: Chief Justice

In a marriage of 2 Adults with their wish, No One Can Interfere: Supreme Court (CJI)

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The debate is heated up on the Indian couples marrying each other and Supreme Court is clear on its stand. Why this has become such an issue where in India we talk a lot about development, scientific research, education etc. but youths cannot marry their love without the consent of their parents. The diverse religious practices are to be blamed like the one in Ankit Saxena case or the various caste and creeds adopted in almost all the religions.

The Supreme Court while hearing a petition in one such incident by a non-profit organization, Shakti Vahini, which has requested the Supreme Court to impose a ban on the “khap panchayats” or self-appointed other such institutions of the village courts prevalent in the northern part of India, especially Haryana, which has their own law and punishes the couples who dare to marry each other against the wish of their family. The hearing at the Supreme Court was a request to ban family killings over “dishonor”, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra on this remarked that when two adults marry, no one has the right to interfere. The Chief Justice went ahead and said “Whether it is parents, society or anyone, they are out of it. No one, either individual or collective or group, has the right to interfere with the marriage,” The Supreme Court said during the hearing that: “We are not concerned with the Khap Panchayat. We are only concerned with the rights of a couple to get married. Whether marriage is good or bad or is it advisable, we are out of it,”. It just became coincident that the Supreme Court hearing coincides with the timing of an incident over the killing of a 23-year-old Hindu young boy by the family of his Muslim girlfriend. The youth’s name was Ankit Saxena who was attacked on a road near his residence in west Delhi and was brutally stabbed to death. The murder was also raised before the judges when the hearing was in progress, but the Chief Justice and other Supreme Court judges immediately said, “Do not get into it. That case is not before us.” The Supreme Court judges where of the view that marriages are done to bring people closer not to kill someone.

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