Know About India’s James Bond Ajit Kumar Doval


The security of the country is not only the deployment of the soldiers on the border, but it is necessary that some dedicated patriots who, while living anonymity for the country, remain in the midst of the enemy and provide information to the army. By which the enemies of the country can be eliminated. Among these patriots, Ajit Doval is a big name, who spent 40 years of his life in anonymity for the defense of the country and many times saved the country from terrorist attack.

Ajit Doval was born in the Garhwali Brahmin family of Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. His father was an army man, so his early education took place in Ajmer Military School. In 1967, he received a master’s degree in Economics from Agra University with first position.After this he started preparing for the IPS, which he compiled from Kerala cadre in 1968 and became a police officer. Four years later, he joined the Intelligence Bureau in 1972. From here it is a new start of his life. He played the remarkable role during the insurgency in Mizoram, he managed successfully the whole operation and deployed 6 of 7 commanders in Mizo National Front, who spread militancy in Mizoram in 1980, which broke the backs of the Mizo National Front. After this incident, Mizoam became the peaceful place to live.

An Indian who never hesitate to warn Pakistan openly to take away Balochistan If It repeats incident Like Mumbai, a detective who has been committed to protecting his country.He is the only citizen of India who has been awarded the Kirti Chakra, the second highest award given in peace. Here we are talking about the 1968 batch of Kerala cadre IPS Ajit Doval, who joined Indian Intelligence Agency IB in 1972. Originally coming from Pauri Garhwal of Uttarakhand, Ajit Doval has studied from Ajmer Military School and has done MA in Economics from Agra University.

Doval has carried out many such dangerous exploits that seems to be the stories of James Bond. through the Indian Army’s cross-border surgical strike in Myanmar, Doval has given a direct and clear message to the enemies of India that India has now taken an aggressive defensive attitude.

Let’s know about some exciting stories of Ajit Doval:

During an important operation of the Indian Army Blue Star, he played the role of an intelligence and provided vital intelligence for Indian security forces, with the help of which the military operation could be successful. During this time, his role was a Pakistani spy, who had won the trust of Khalistanis and provided information about their preparations.

When the Indian Airlines flight IC 814 was hijacked from Kathmandu in 1999, Later this flight was taken to Kandahar and the passengers were taken a hostage, he was made the main negotiator from India.
He also did remarkable work in Kashmir and infiltrated militant organizations. By making the militants the only peacekeeper, he turned the section of militancy. He had made a major anti-India militant, Kuka Pará, his biggest detective.

Terrorist was also active in the North East in the eighties At that time, the Mizo National Front, led by Laldenga, had spread violence and unrest, but then Doval had won the confidence of six commanders in Laldenga’s seven, and the result was that Laldeenga had the option of peace with the Indian government in compulsion Had to fall.

Doval planned a surgical strike after the attack on the army in North East India and the Indian Army killed militants after taking action in Myanmar across the border. Indian Army launched an operation in collaboration with rebels of Myanmar army and NSCN Khaplong faction, in which about 30 militants were killed.

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