KNOW: How Israel is a friend we can rely upon!


Since PM Modi’s visit to Israel, the relationship between India and Israel is being discussed in the world. Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to India. The question is how our relationship with Israel? To answer this question, we take you in Kargil days. Read, what is the connection between Kargil’s war and our relationship with Israel as a friend.

In May 1999 Pakistani soldiers, as militants, entered the Drass sector. Operation Vijay was launched. The Indian Army was having the restrictions. During this war, some flaws came out. Indian Army jawans were not given training so that they could fight better warfare in the mountain or height.The army had to fight only after staying within its limits. Because crossing the border meant that the announcement of the full-fledged war, Indian Air Force, which had reached an unidentified missile, was unable to target Pakistani bunkers. India’s traditional photo platform also failed, because the Canberra PR57 was targetted by Pakistan. In such a situation, India had no alternative to keeping an eye on Pakistan from the height. There was nothing to figure out the location of their troops or soldier that side of the mountain, where are their fighter jets standing? The Indian Navy was preparing to cut Pakistan’s supply route, but the main concern was that if this was done then Pakistan could use the Harpoon missile.This was followed by Israeli help. Israel was in some countries that helped India to formulate a strategy against the intruders in the Kargil sector. The Israeli army has strong experience and technology. They have mastered control over the border, counter-terrorism, and limited war.

Not only Israel provided unmanned Aerial Drones but also provided photographs from Military Satellites. Israel provided bullets and weapons for Bofors. Ledger guided missiles also received from Israel for the Mirage 2000H fighter stationed on the battlefield. That is, in the tough times of war Israel has supported us. Israel helped India during the war against Pakistan in 1965 and 1971.

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