When lal badhur shastri went tough on Pakistan’s Aayub khan


On September 26, 1965, when Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri was addressing thousands of people on the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Shastri had said, “Sadar Ayub has announced that he would reach Delhi he is such a big man, rich and having an important portfolio. I thought why should such an important person be allowed to walk to Delhi, I thought we should go Lahore to meet him and our Army approaching Lahore. ”

This Shastri was speaking with the self-confidence of Indian leadership after the war of 1965. He was Shashtri whose height and voice, Ayub Khan had mocked. Ayub often used to assess people by their outer appearance instead of their behavior. Former Indian High Commissioner Shankar Bajpai in Pakistan recalls, “Ayub started thinking that Hindustan is weak, one does not know how to fight and political leadership is very weak, he was going to Delhi, but after Nehru’s demise, He canceled his Delhi visit by saying that to whom now He would talk. Shastri said, “Do not come, we will come.” I witnessed when Shastri came to leave at the airport by President Ayub. I heard them talking about pointing your peers is no benefit. “That is what Ayub’s biggest mistake came when he estimated that India would not cross the international border after the attack on Kashmir.

Sreenath Raghavan of the Center for Policy Research says, “Environment was like Overconfidence one, he was himself a general.” He must have felt that after the passing of Nehru, the new Prime Ministers have come, He would not have enough capacity tat They could handle this war, especially after 1962. The other was his main foreign policy advisor Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, he explained to them that if we make pressure on India at this time then the issue can be resolved in our favor. ”

Brigadier AA Choudhury wrote in his book September 1, 1965, “Several years after the war, a former cabinet minister had asked Ayub that you did not consult with your people about the benefits of this campaign before the campaign? It is said that Ayub in pain said that don’t remind me of my weakest side again and again. “Famous journalist Kuldeep Nayar also told the BBC that he had gone to Pakistan after the fight was over. He said, “I asked Ayub what did you do? You knew very well that you could not win at all, he said that you do not ask me this question when you meet Bhutto, then ask him. “After this, he also met Nayar Bhutto. He says, “When I met Bhutto, I asked him that everyone was saying that this was Bhutto’s fight. Bhutto said that I did not do it. I used to think that if we can defeat you then this is the chance Because later you have so much ordinance factories that it would be difficult for us to compete with you. Secondly, I thought that when we send our people, then the people of the valley stand up in our support. But my thinking was wrong.

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