Sugarcane Juice and Car Loan from PNB : Unique personality Lal Bahadur Shastri


When Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Home Minister of India, renowned journalist Kuldip Nayar was his press secretary. Kuldeep recalls that once he and Shastri Ji were returning after participating in a program from Mahrauli. there was a railway crossing on the way, which was closed on that day, Shastri ji’s car stopped with his security convoy.

Shastri saw that sugarcane juice was being extracted besides him. He said that till the gate opens, why do not sugarcane juice be poured? Before Kuldeep said something, he went to the shop himself, and along with Kuldeep he ordered juice for the security officer and the driver too.The interesting thing is that no one has recognized him, even those who sell sugarcane juice too do not even know. If he had been a little too shy then he would have left it by thinking that why the Indian Home Minister would come to buy sugarcane juice at his shop.

Car loan:

Until Shastri became the prime minister, He was not having the car or his own house. Once his children said that now you are the Prime Minister of India, Now we should have our own car at least. At that time a Fiat car used to cost approx 12,000 rupees. He asked one of his secretaries to see how many rupees are in his bank account. His bank balance was only Rs 7,000. Anil son of Shastri recalls that when the children came to know that Shastri did not have enough money to buy the car when he said that No need to buy the car.

But Shastriji said that he would raise the money from the bank as the loan. He took a loan of Rs 5,000 for buying a car from Punjab National Bank. He died a year before repaying the loan.

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