Medical visa granted to three Pak nationals: Sushma Swaraj


Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has announced a medical visa to three Pakistani nationals. Sushma Swaraj posted this information on social media on Wednesday night. She tweeted, “We have approved the medical visa of Pakistani national Fatima Naeem (13), Mansoor Bhagani and Shehab Asif for treatment in India.” Asif is undergoing surgery for liver transplant in a hospital in Chennai.

Sushma has given a medical visa to many Pakistani citizens even before showing condolences on humanitarian grounds. They did not let the troubling terrorism in India and Pakistan go in the midst of it.

Meanwhile, a new announcement was made by India in May this year when the relations between India and Pakistan came to an end. It said that Pakistani nationals will have to bring a letter of recommendation from Pakistani Prime Minister’s foreign affairs consultant to get a medical visa to India. This move made Pakistan flare up.

Although on 18th July, India had given a medical visa to a Pakistani-occupied Kashmir (PoK), India had said that PoK is an integral part of India. Therefore, there is no need for any citizen to get permission from the Pakistani government for a medical visa. Apart from this, the government of India did not disappoint any Pakistani, who sought visas on medical grounds.

Despite the tension between the two countries, She has taken this step on the basis of humanity.On the request of Pakistani citizen Hirah Azhar’s father for a medical visa, Sushma asked him to contact the Indian high commission in Riyadh. At this time, the diamond living in Saudi Arabia had said that Sushma Swaraj, my father’s hopes are now only focused on immediate liver transplantation. We are Pakistanis and are waiting for India’s visa. Please help.

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