In 1987 the Army General plan was to break Pakistan into four but weak political leadership pulled back.

In 1987 the Army General plan was to break Pakistan into four but weak political leadership pulled back.

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It’s been years regarding the claims and counterclaims that have been happening regarding the terror camp being nurtured by Pakistan on its soil. The issue has now evolved to such stature that it has become a poll issue in both the countries. The present surgical strike by the Indian Army shows how India has taken the edge over Pakistan and India has successfully cornered Pakistan on diplomatic forums.

The present government of Narendra Modi has always stood tall and strong as far as national issues are concerned and have always backed the defense forces be it on the Doklam issue or the surgical strike. In a revelation by the Airforce Chief of 2008 Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Fali Homi Major has come as a bombshell for the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) after 9 long years of 26/11 and questions their lack of willingness to act in nations interest. The then IAF chief also said that India had all the capabilities and firepower to target the terror training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in 2008. The plan was ready for execution but the halt was from the political will. He said that the window is for 24 hours only for this kind of retaliations when the enemy is not aware of such plans. The questions are certainly tough for the top leadership of the then UPA government to answer. It is always a matter of debate why the UPA (United Progressive Government) has not done enough to give Pakistan a befitting reply during its regime despite the neighbor continuing to sponsor terror against India, and also the UPA leaders have raised question against the surgical strike raises questions on their loyalty towards national interest.

The post 26/11 revelation is not the only instance where the loyalty of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) towards nation can be questioned. The operation brass tacks are one such incident in the past where the same scenario occurred in the year 1987. The revelation this time as well is not from any political but from a veteran from the defense forces. It was in the year 1987 the then chief of the Army Staff General Krishnaswamy Sundarji devised Operation Brasstacks. The operation was devised to dislodge the terrorist campaign on the Pakistani soil by launching a surprise attack. The then Air Marshal (retd) B K Pandey revealed in an interview some time back stated that the General had the plan to make the strike appear as the Indian Army was conducting a training exercise in the plains. He had two opposing forces, during that time General had two opposing forces from the Pakistan side but those forces were also moving to the south-north. The Generals plan was to show Amritsar as a weak loophole on borders to lure Pakistan and declare Khalistan. The plan of the General was to divide the whole of Pakistan into four states, but the then weak leadership under the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi refused to order Army for the attack and thus the whole plan was foiled due to weak leadership.

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