China feels threatened by Pakistani terrorists, alerted its citizens


China, which has invested heavily in Pakistan, is now feeling scared of Pakistani terrorists. China warns its own citizens and investors living in Pakistan on terror attacks this Friday. This is unusual because China is investing heavily in infrastructure projects in Pakistan.It is a serious concern raised by China for the safety of its citizen. Surprisingly Chinese government has made a huge investment in that area.

China is preparing a $ 57 billion One Belt One Road project, and for this, there are thousands of Chinese workers living in Pakistan.In a statement on its website, the Pak-based Chinese Embassy said, “It is understood that Chinese people living in Pakistan can conduct serial attacks on Chinese people and organizations.” The embassy has asked its citizens and organizations to increase security vigilance, strengthen internal precaution, and to stay away from crowded places.

Apart from cooperating with the Pakistani police and the military, Chinese citizens have been told to alert the embassy in an emergency. However, the threat of attacks has not been given in details. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry’s response to this issue is not received yet.

China has been concerned that the disgruntled Muslim community of Shinjiang province has become friends with the terrorists of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, violence in Pakistan’s southwestern province Balochistan has raised concern about the security. Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and Taliban are all active in Balochistan, whose border is connected to Iran and Afghanistan and is the center of the belt and road initiative.

Not only that, separatists have been fighting with the government for a long time for the gas and mineral resources and have been attacking the energy and other infrastructure projects.

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