Pakistan is raising threat of nuclear war – US Think Tank


Pakistan has a small nuclear power program, with 1355 MWe capacity, but is moving to increase this substantially with Chinese help.Because Pakistan is outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, due to its weapons program, it is largely excluded from trade in nuclear plant or materials, which hinders its development of civil nuclear energy. However, China is positive about nuclear cooperation with Pakistan.

The amount of nuclear weapons that Pakistan is having currently not only poses a huge threat to India but also can raise any conventional war on this earth to the level of nuclear war.This threat has been highlighted recently in a report published by the US defense think-tank agency “Atlantic Council”.The title
Of the report – ‘Asia in the Second Nuclear Age’ – says it all about the content inside. The report also says that although tactical nuclear weapons are planned for warfare, Islamabad has not yet conducted much experiment
With it.

The report also says – “From the 1990s onward, China’s decision to stir out of its strategic languor and modernize its nuclear arsenal, along with the resolve of India and Pakistan to deploy operational nuclear forces, and, more recently, North Korea’s sprint to develop reliable long-range nuclear capabilities that can credibly threaten the continental United States, has led many to aver that the “second nuclear age” will rival the worst aspects of the first.”

The report also mentions that While the first nuclear age was riven by deep ideological conflicts between two contrarian political systems that viewed the victory of the other as an existential threat, the nuclear rivalry
Between China, India, and Pakistan is nothing like that. Two of the three nuclear powers – India & China – have a shared belief that nuclear weapons are political weapons whose sole purpose is to deter nuclear use by others.

However, this reassurance does not extend to Pakistan, which—due to the lack of geographic depth and weaker conventional forces against India—has embraced a first-use nuclear doctrine.

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