The Chief Minister of Gujarat who firmly stood against Emergency by Indira Gandhi


15th August, 1975. Indira Gandhi was flagging the flag from the Red Fort on Independence Day. Gujarat Chief Minister Babubhai Patel, about 947 kilometers away from there, was also repeating this ritual on Independence Day. After hoisting the flag Babubhai started speaking in the name of the people of the state-

“There are two Gandhi in our country. First Mahatma Gandhi who gave us freedom, Second Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who kept the freedom hostage”

In such a period, when the opposition, media was not ready to speak a single word against Indira Gandhi, Babubhai came in front of the public forum. He was the Chief Minister during the Emergency. At that time there was no safer place than Gujarat for every political worker living in the underground. It is said about Babubhai that he refused to bow down to Indira Gandhi’s pressure during the Emergency. Because of this, he had to suffer the consequences. He became the Chief Minister of Gujrat twice. Both times Indira Gandhi disestablished his CM’s chair

About Emergency

On June 25, 1975, West Bengal Chief Minister Siddharth Shankar Roy’s phone bell rang. At that time, he was lying in bed in his room in the Bang Bhawan in Delhi. At the other end, Indira Gandhi’s special assistant, RK Dhawan, was summoning him to prime minister’s residence. When Roy reached the Safdarjung Road, Indira Gandhi was sitting in front of the big table in her study, which was a stack of intelligence reports.
For the next two hours, he talked about the situation of the country. Indira said that disorder is spreading across the country. Legislators of Gujarat and Bihar have been dissolved. In this way, there will be no end to the demands of the opposition. We need to take tough decisions.

Roy said, “Let me go back and understand the constitutional status.” Indira agreed, but also said that come back as soon as possible. Roy came back to look at not just Indian but also related parts of the American Constitution.

That afternoon, at 3:30 PM, again reached Safdarjung Road and told Indira that she can declare an emergency under section 352 to deal with internal disturbances.

3 thoughts on “The Chief Minister of Gujarat who firmly stood against Emergency by Indira Gandhi

  1. I was in my 10th Class at the Time! Our Head Master detailed about Emergency! I remember Sri Jaya Prakash Narayana started Movement against Emergency!
    That was the Black-Days of India! Esp. for Indira Gandhi!

  2. I was just in class 1 when emergency was declared. Food was scarce. We, the rural people even as little girls were told not to talk in groups. Teachers never talked about it. Elders talked in hush hush voice.It was suffocating then…

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