If death strikes before I prove my blood, I promise, I’ll kill death – Capt Manoj Pandey


Param Vir Chakra Capt Manoj Kumar Pandey was the officer of the Indian Army who was honored with Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest gallantry medal for his extraordinary gallantry in the Kargil war of 1999.
Pandeyji was born on June 25, 1975, in Rudha village in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Manoj was born as a son of Gopichandra Pandey and Mohini.

Manoj’s education was held in Sainik School, Lucknow and from there, he got the sense of discipline and love of country, which led him to the height of respect. From his childhood, his mother uses to tell the stories of heroism and manner and encouraged Manoj that he should not panic at any challenges of life. After completing intermediate studies, Manoj joined the National Defense Academy at Khadakwasla near Pune, after clearing the competition. After completing the training, he became the first vehicle operator of 11 Gorkha Rifles Regiment.

After training at the National Defense Academy, he was posted as a commissioned officer in the first battalion of eleventh Gorkha Rifles. They were deployed in the Kashmir Valley. Once Manoj was sent on patrol with a detachment. They were too late to return. This made everyone very worried. When he returned from his program after two days, his commanding officer (Col. Lalit Rai) asked him the reason for this delay, he replied, then he replied we went for the search of terrorists but we didn’t find them so, we have decided to move forward in search of them and we return when finally we faced them and destroyed them. Similarly, when his battalion was to be stationed in Siachen, Manoj was in a training of young officers. He was disturbed by the fact that due to this training, he could not go to Siachen. When this team got the opportunity to complete the difficult task, Manoj wrote to his commanding officer that if his team is heading towards the Northern Glacier, then they should be given ‘Bana Chaki’ and if the coach is towards Central Gloucester, So they got ‘Pahalwan Chowki’. These two checkpoints are actually very tough kind of and that was what Manoj wanted. Eventually, Manoj Kumar Pandey got the chance to stand on the 19700 feet high ‘Pahalwan Chowki’ for a long time, where he worked with full courage and zeal.

In the tough battles of the Kargil war with Pakistan, there was a frontal slogan, which he waited for to finish, he led his 1/11 Gorkha Rifles and fought with the enemy and he fights until he won. However, in these attempts, he had to sacrifice his life. At the age of 24, he had given an example of bravery and courage.

For his extraordinary bravery in the Kargil war, he was decorated with the supreme honor of the Army, Param Vir Chakra. The entire country salutes his bravery.

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