Hafiz Saeed can be killed by giving a Supari of 8 lakhs: PAK


Pakistan has claimed that the Foreign Intelligence Agency wants to kill Mohammad Mafhid Hafeez Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack. Keeping this in view, the Pakistani administration has written to the Punjab Home Department to increase the security of Hafiz Saeed head of terrorist’s organization.

According to the letter written by the administration, the National Counter Terrorism Authority has said that the Indian intelligence agency (RAW) wants to kill Sayeed with the help of two activists of the banned terrorist organizations for which they have given Rs. 8 lakhs. Chief Minister of Jamat-ud-Dawa from Punjab Home Department has been asked to provide full-fledged security.

Let us explain that under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997, Hafiz Saeed has been shifted to Lahore from January 30, Lahore. Under the Public Safety Law, the Home Department has made the period of detention of Hafiz Saeed till November 26.
It is worth mentioning that in June 2014, the United States declared the organization of Hafid Saeed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Not only this, the head of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed has been rewarded with a bounty of US $ 100 million for his involvement in terrorist activities. In India, the mastermind of the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 was Hafiz Saeed. 166 people died in this attack. India is repeatedly demanding punishment for Hafiz Saeed for the Mumbai attack from Pakistan. Apart from this, more than a thousand Muslim religious leaders had demanded action against Pakistani infamous Hafiz Saeed. These Muslim religious leaders had written a letter to the nation and demanded punishment for Hafiz Saeed’s anti-India subversive activities.

Who is Hafiz Saeed?
According to Wiki:
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was born in a Gujjar family in Sargodha, Punjab.As told by him, his father Kamal-ud-Din, a farmer, in the autumn of 1947, along with his family started migrating from East Punjab and reached Pakistan in around four months. His family lost 36 of its members when migrating from Hisar, Haryana (erstwhile Punjab) to Lahore during the Partition of India.

1 thought on “Hafiz Saeed can be killed by giving a Supari of 8 lakhs: PAK

  1. We need the head of Mohammad Mafhid Hafeez Saeed, to hang at Lal chowk,
    Srinagar.A person
    I) who killed 166 persons in Mumbai attack in 2008 and left several persons injured,and ii)who is chief,heading a Terrorist organisationJamaat-ud-Dawa and
    iii) has US$100 Million on his head is now afraid of his own life&blood.
    a)Saeed did you not know the value of life when you brutally killed 166 people in Mumbai.
    b)Is not the lives of innocent Muslims whom you have trained as Terrorists and sent to countries across the globe for terrorising world is valuable.
    c)what is the security you have given to these Muslims who were killed by following your idiotic ideology.
    Hafiz Saeed now it is your turn.Get ready Saeed as we are ready to receive your head and hang it at Lal chowk, Srinagar.
    saeed,showing some false cause to compel Home Dept to provide you Security is the biggest joke of this year.
    Jai Hind

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