PoK Belongs to Pakistan, Stop Talking Azadi: Farooq Abdullah Sparks Another Controversy


Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and former Union Minister Farooq Abdullah has once again given the controversial statement regarding Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK). He said that PoK will remain with Pakistan only. Pakistan has an equal partner in it.

National Conference leader Farooq said that Pakistan is also a part of the Kashmir dispute. Therefore, we will have to talk to them about this issue too. He said that half Kashmir is near Pakistan and half of India has it. The part of Kashmir (PoK) that is near Pakistan, will remain with it. At the same time, he also said that half of Kashmir is with India, which will remain in India.

He said, “India betrayed us. They didn’t recognize the love with which we chose to join them. That is the reason behind the current situation in Kashmir.”

When Dineshwar Sharma was handed over the responsibility of mediating Kashmir problem, he said, “I can not comment more on this. They have spoken, but the talks are not the only solution. This is a dispute between India and Pakistan. Therefore, the Indian government will also have to talk to the Pakistan government on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan is also a part of Kashmir. ”

This is not the first time that Farooq has made such a controversial statement. Earlier in the year 2015, he gave this same statement. Apart from this, when the Central Government recently allowed Dineshwar Sharma to talk to any party to resolve the Kashmir problem, National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah gave the Government Pakistani angle to this initiative of the government.

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