India is not like 1962, China also understands


India may have been defeated by China in the 1962 war, but today the strength of the Indian Army is so much that it must be understood by China. Let us give you few such brahmastra of the Indian Army that has the power to move the whole world.

Su-30Mki- Combat Aircraft: The most spectacular aircraft ever known, which is also called Air Force Cream. These fighter jets made with the help of Russia have the ability to kill in any season. At present, the Air Force has more than 200 Sukhoi-30 aircraft which can fly at 2100 kilometers per hour.

BrahMos missile: Brahmos i.e. supersonic cruise missile, also called game finisher. It is compiled by India and Russia, which can be launched from anywhere, submarines, ships, aircraft or land. In the case of operation, it is considered the world’s fastest cruise missile. These missiles capable of carrying 300 kilos of explosive.

Arjun Mark-II Tank: This is the main battle tank of the Indian Army, which is considered to be extremely dangerous. This is the state-of-the-art third generation tank of Arjun Tank, which has made several improvements. These tanks can hit sparkles in any situation. It blows his prey on the blink of a moment. Above it are remote powered machine guns. This is known as the wall of the army

INS Chakra: It is also called shark made of steel. This submarine can stay in the water as long as possible. India has leased it to Russia for ten years to trek the Navy. It is capable of carrying conventional weapons, four 533 mm and four 650 mm torpedo tubes, which are used to blow the enemy ship. It is considered the fastest nuclear submarine

INS Vikramaditya: It is also called Airfield and Mini City floating due to its strengths. INS Vikramaditya is said to be the king of the sea. Like the game changer for the Navy, it is capable of carrying more than 45 thousand tonnes of weight. Its length is 283.5 meters and having 22 decks. The pace of INS Vikramaditya is about 60 kilometers per hour.

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