Mission of Niti Aayog; Poverty, dirt, communalism, terrorism.. all over by 2022


Niti Ayog, which advises the government, has envisaged poverty, dirt, corruption, terrorism, caste-ism, and communalism free new India by the year 2022. Niti Ayog Chairman Rajiv Kumar presented the New India @ 2022 document in the Governor’s conference last month. According to this, if India continues to grow at the rate of 8 percent, then by 2047, it will be in the top three economies of the world. With this, we would also achieve the dream of ‘Malnutrition free India’ by 2022.

It has been shown in the document that till 2019, the government can connect villages with paved roads with more than 500 populations (having more than 250 population in special areas) under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY). Along with this, 20 world-class high educational institutions have been envisaged in India by 2022. It has been said that all the villages selected under the Prime Minister’s Model Village Scheme (PMAGY) can get the status of Adarsh village by 2022.

It has been mentioned in the document that we should take a resolution to make India free from poverty by 2022. It is notable that recently the Policy Commission had stated in a report that 201 districts of the country are backward and malnourished in terms of education, health, and nutrition. In these districts, 25 percent of the districts are from Uttar Pradesh alone, after that, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. This information was given by Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer of the Policy Commission. Kant said while issuing the preliminary conclusions of India’s ‘Young Lives Longitudinal Survey’ on childhood, poverty, childhood education, education and youth and employment, “If you look at 201 districts of the country, where we are unsuccessful. Then Among them, 53 are in Uttar Pradesh, 36 in Bihar and 18 in Madhya Pradesh. ”

Kant said, “I think that unless you name them in these areas and do not make them ashamed, it will be very difficult to develop India. Good governance should make good politics. “Kant had earlier said that there are 7 to 8 states of eastern India who are pulling behind the country, hence these states need to be named ashamed. The CEO of the Niti Ayog said that there is no problem with South India.

It also includes the idea of completing the dream of ‘Malnutrition free India’ till the year 2022.

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