Kashmir: Our ambushed capital

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As youth what do we know about Jammu and Kashmir? Do we know any boundaries that would teleport us to the Kashmir our older generation talks about? Do we have a foggy idea about the paradisiacal aspects of this state? Such questions only caste a shadow of doubt amongst the youngsters. All they know is, how many terrorists were killed recently, what is the current status of the brewing insurgencies and the role of Indian Army in protecting their “Heaven on Earth”.

If we were to regress time and see what actually triggered the Kashmir Conflict and what aggravated this situation is tied to a dispute between two countries on attaining freedom from the colonial rule. According to the partition plan provided by the Indian Independence Act of 1947, Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh acceded to India in return of the military aid. And this served as the root cause for the never-ending conflict of Kashmir. Where the two countries claim the state is theirs, certain independence groups believe the disputed territory should be independent of India and Pakistan.



As from the date of this territorial dispute, Indian Army has been on their toes and is always ready to take the bull by horns. Even after these relentless efforts, the Army takes for the protection of the region, the Indian Army has been unsuccessful in winning hearts of its residents. A part of the public is against the Army and thinks they’re only fueling the strife. There has been some amount of stone pelting for a long time now on our soldiers to vent out their agitation. Every second day, there are headlines relating to violation of ceasefire by Pakistan along LoC, cases of soldiers being slandered by the mob, and army cannot take any action because of the dependency laid by the superior authority. Unless ordered, they can’t open fire. All this after being treated as the pampered baby of the country. What leads to turning the public against their own army or government?

There are different ways of looking at this question, it could be the separatists, or the political involvement, insurgents or the infiltration carried out in that area. There has been a perpetual unrest in the Kashmir Valley this entire year after the surgical strike was carried out. The militants leave no stone unturned to influence the common public and instigate them towards their own democracy and forces. Its the protests led by the separatists which provoke the public of Kashmir. Henceforth, the foremost task for
the government of India is to uproot the separatist and militant groups demanding independence that have been polluting the mind of us Indians living in that zone.

Religion is another flammable component in this pyre. Majority of Kashmiris are Muslims and during partition in 1947 most Indian Muslims migrated to Pakistan. So a common faith underpins Pakistan’s claim to Kashmir. Which in my thinking stands baseless, because there are other states too housing Muslim families. In fact, other countries that are Muslim-dominated have sour relations with Pakistan! So, using the ‘Religion’ card doesn’t stand a great chance for Pakistan.

Due to these open vulnerabilities, terrorists use this as an open platform to plan their attacks. They exploit these opportunities to the fullest, adding to the downfall of the state. India needs a new doctrine to tackle this sensitive issue and need to evolve in order to face unorthodox situations. This is one of the most dangerous disputes of the world and considering worst-case scenario could trigger a nuclear conflict and we all know what comes next! Each string involved in this tangle has to be delicately dealt with in order to bring peace and tranquility back to this utopia in disguise.

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